A desire for a place in this world


Baskets full of envy,

Lingering thoughts of joy,

Cradle me some serenity,

In woven blanks of kindness,

Kindness, I can’t attempt,

Kindness, I cannot enjoy,

Gratification only for self,

Is grating me into abhor.


Our hands reaching out,

Towards the dull night sky,

We gather strength to reach the stars,

Instead, compiled the darkness of black matter.


We suffer loose ends, intangible may be,

But the freaking heart is real,

The screaming internally,

And undone we may of substance,

Left husks, hollow undoubtedly,

And what is it that matter,

To you or even me?


I want to embrace the plain,

Living worthy in simplicity,

But every ounce and every grain

of thought refuses me.


I want to be the sky,

And you, my anchor back to earth,

But every day and every night,

You just elude me.


So, tell me,

Where is it that I ought to be?


12.36 am

10th February 2018

A desire for a place in this world

Let’s get along with the feeling of hopelessness

That ring you want,

That smile you cherish,

That call you had,

Those cheeks with blemish,

That friend you had,

Still have, you wished,

That leap of faith,

And fall to perish,

Those guts it took to ask a question,

Spawned reasonable yet unwanted reaction,

Those stars you see lining up for you,

To make out meaning when none is due.


Welcome despair, I’ll cherish you,

Welcome despair, hopeless me, and you.



11th November 2017


p/s: Now I feel like having a rerun of Welcome to the NHK

Let’s get along with the feeling of hopelessness

I’d rather Head-bang than Sway

In a bus moving obnoxiously fast,

Sit you must facing the front,

Unless the seats all taken, aghast,

Prepare your hold and sway back home.


10.55 pm

13th September 2017

I’d rather Head-bang than Sway


Of all that’s insignificant,


You are most,

Hence risen you have,

To something of value,



4.51 pm

25th April 2017


But Not in God

I have lost faith a many too much times,

And lost I was in the depths of my mind,

In the crevices of my heart black,

Darken by idioms and idiotic tact.


I have lost faith in many like the stars,

In people and places and times across the verse,

In you and I and in cherished lies,

In human eyes and foolish ties,

In all the many;





I have lost faith,

I have lost faith,

I have lost faith,

I have lost faith,

I have lost faith,

I have lost faith,


I have lost faith in the many a too much,

I have lost faith a countless times too much,

I have lost faith in compassion and in grudge,

I have lost faith in a better world and us.


I have lost faith a many times,

But not in God, Most Gracious One.


1.32 pm,

15th February 2017

But Not in God


Blessings astound afforded by little,

Embraces the whole in the grievance to many.


Songs of the lull and the storm that came after,

Thread ever so lightly over heartstrings,

Round up strangers and friends alike,

Omitting the differences of them and they,

Nudging along the depressed, the lessened,

Giving hope for morrow in the form of resonance.


12.16 pm

26th October 2016



Love is burning me to cinders,

Fault a drought ‘tis not,

Dilly-dally away I sully,

The thoughts of forth we go,

And passion a burned out flame,

The embers black, extinguished,

And direction a craving much,

Unsettled the heart corrupt.


10.33 pm

24th October 2016