I [Text] You – The girl who sits in front of me

(Yeah, I know it’s been ages since the last chapter of ITU, but sorry, just not in the mood to post the rest of the story till it is completed, or at least progressing a whole lot faster than right now, hehe. Anyway, enjoy!)

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I [Text] You – Anna’s Plan for Happiness

(btw, includes last week’s ‘God loves them more’. Enjoy!)

Ch. 04 – Anna’s Plan for Happiness

I was silent the whole way back to our house (but I think there’s no difference, since I always stay silent in Cikgu Jerome’s car). That whole time, Uzair’s words repeated in my head. Like a cassette played over and over, and then rewound over and over. Continue reading “I [Text] You – Anna’s Plan for Happiness”

I [Text] You – Growing up with ABC and XYZ

Ch. 02 – Growing up with ABC and XYZ

The days to come, XYZ will always come knocking in the afternoon, said ‘hi’ politely to mama and asked if he could take me to play outside. And mama, smiling as usual, will always say ‘go ahead’ and ‘be back before the sun sets’. Like she had forgotten how the kids on Street 1B treated me and whole-heartedly trusted XYZ to be different from those kids. Continue reading “I [Text] You – Growing up with ABC and XYZ”

I [Text] You – The First Part

Ch. 01 – The First Part

Hrmm…. Where should I start my story? Should I start from that so-called coincidence at Kak Nong’s? No, that’s way too soon. How about from secondary two, when she moved to Mesapol? Yeah, let’s start there.

But actually we knew each other way back since childhood. Maybe this is what you call a childhood friend, kan. Continue reading “I [Text] You – The First Part”

I [Text] You – The Beginning (or is it The End?)

Ch. 00 – The Beginning (or is it The End?)

My eyes widen as I read her text message. Then, with light speed, I texted her a reply.

I start looking around but I can’t find her. Has all these years made my memory rusty? Till I can’t remember how she looks like? Or has all these years changed her appearance? Well, its not like we’re still in secondary two or so, kan?

Disappointed (cause my eyes have failed me), I text her again.

[Where r u sitting?]

I tap on the send icon. Moments later, ‘message delivered’. Then I waited for her reply. And waited. And waited….

But she didn’t reply.