Greetings Earthlings! My name is… urm… just call me Bun. It’s not Bun as in that food you choke down your throat, the ‘u’ is more like double o’s and sounds something like ‘loot’. I come from Sabah and no, we do not live on trees or eat people. We’re friendly earthlings just like you guys out there.

So why the sudden blog, you ask? Well, I like writing and one day it just came to me that maybe someone somewhere out there likes reading in return. So, you hit bulls-eyes if you guess this is another blog of another guy aspiring to be a writer, except you got the aspiring part wrong ’cause I just write without aspiring to be a writer. Okay, I bluff.

I think everyone deserves the right to express themselves, and this is just my way to express myself. Writing is therapeutic! So I hope you enjoy your stay here at Words and let me become your Fool and entertain you (I hope it works). And I’d be glad if I spark inspiration for those out there who love reading as afternoon tid-bits, or just want to kill time reading some useless crap here. You’ll never know what’ll inspire you next.