Take me somewhere nice

Pouring down,

The stars; like confetti,

And feelings; a torrent,

And a split second, eternal,

The ticking of time: present,

Post-rock post ward stock supply,

Midnight heartburns and indigestion,

Swirling words into a confession,

That may never reach a conclusion,

The ticking of time: continues,

Slowly, uninterrupted, constant,

The next track goes on playing,

Consciousness swaying,

Words dissipating

Eyes blinking,

Sleep, inviting,



5.13 am

1st December 2017

Take me somewhere nice

Still, my objective views are subjective to my discretion

Fairness and equality,

Fair use of profanity,

Propels thought of ambiguity,

Still, you say it’s fair to me.


To you, the search is yearning much,

To you, quality is likely brunch,

Where you can cram breakfast with lunch,

And proclaim you had one meal per day.


Just because you are right,

Doesn’t mean the world is wrong,

A just cause can’t win a fight,

If everyone has one they hold unto strong.


In the end, in midst of fray,

We all are right in our manic way.


3.46 am

30th November 2017

Still, my objective views are subjective to my discretion

I just want to wake up and head to the beach before sunrise

Slumbering friends across the room,

Let me pass without a sound,

Let me out the chalet front,

Let me out of deep sleep lore,

Let me in into the cold,

Leave I may the warmth behind,

Warmth commenced by petty talks,

And giggles and shots of green stale jokes.


Slumbering path still fresh with dew,

Let me pass beyond the gorge,

Let me meet the sandy whites,

And embers crackling to dying flames,

And waters waving, let me wave back,

With wavy hair in morning breeze,

With Sun about to say hello,

And night to say “Goodnight, I’ll go.”


9.48 am

28th November 2017

I just want to wake up and head to the beach before sunrise


We the cowards,

Whom play catch and miss,

Over and over and forevermore,

And frown upon the inept us,

Tears streaming from broken hearts,

Hearts made out of fragile glass,

Mend together, we thought we got tough,

Only to be beaten again and shatter.


Oh, how I envy the young and bold,

The clumsy yet honest,

That youthful gold,

Oh, how I envy the young and bold,

Though stupid, they’re honest,

In the moment, they act,

In the moment, they hold.


12.54 pm

25th November 2017


Cosmic Magic

When you are so far away,

I’m convinced that the stars conveyed,

Feelings, frustrations and happiness much,

Like how the solar wind blows the edge of a comet,

We circle,

We look like we are getting closer,

We depart,

Still starring towards each other.


10.23 pm

7th June 2017

Cosmic Magic