The Anthems of People

In the middle of a midnight shower, songs came to mind from out of nowhere. I said songs, but they were just some unintelligible gurgles of sounds imitating songs. Perhaps this is the most ancient of form songs have had. Perhaps this is the sound of songs predating any tuned instrument of any sort, be it strings or percussion in nature. Perhaps this is the synth of the millennia back. Perhaps.

And in this jumble of sound and blurring effect of the shower hitting my head, enveloping my ears in a calming rush of dripping water kept at warm to counter the drizzled night-cold, a few songs came to mind. Real songs. And with them, faces of people both distant and near, alive and deceased, that somehow in my mind are connected to those songs. Most are in an instant. A spark of those songs, usually first time listening to it, flashes a person through my mind. Some for obvious reasons. Others, well, maybe just a fleeting feeling. But all are stuck in my head right now.

First came a song I had forgotten its name, which after getting out of the shower, was reminded by the person who that song reminds me of (is this what it means by coming full circle?), Jasper, is entitled Lagu Untukmu by the now-not-the-same-as-then Meet Uncle Hussain. The song, although literally means ‘A Song for You’, is far off from the romantic nuance it gives off. It is a song full of rage, and it came out at the exact moment Jasper was full of it: rage. Then came Cat Stevens’ Father and Son, reminding me of my own father, not in relation to me but rather to his own father.

The next in line was Hawthorne Heights’ Decembers, reminding me of Sim, a dear friend of mine, now apart by space, as was him and the girl he once dated, loved, and because he felt was out of his league, left her because he can’t bear the idea of sparkly her in a long distance relationship with dim him. This was the song that he thought encompasses what he felt back then, and a fragment of it still lingers on his present character. Then at last came the latest addition to my ever growing catalogue of songs reminding me of people. Haruhi’s Trust me, I am fine reminds me of another dear friend Keon, which in this case I don’t really know how this song got stuck onto her. I think it was a gut feeling. It’s quite a new song, it doesn’t even register on Youtube. Or perhaps because there are dozens, if not hundreds of ‘Trust me, I’m a-” videos sprawling all over Youtube, I can’t seem to find the one for this song.

At the end of the night, as I lay on my bed, I thought to myself. What’s my song in other people’s heads? Or is there even a song people relate me to? For now, I can’t relate myself to any. I hope it’s a calming tune, or some post-rock. Post-rocks are nice. They usually don’t come with any lyrics.

Yeah, I’d really like that.


1.44 am

10th January 2018

The Anthems of People

Take me somewhere nice

Pouring down,

The stars; like confetti,

And feelings; a torrent,

And a split second, eternal,

The ticking of time: present,

Post-rock post ward stock supply,

Midnight heartburns and indigestion,

Swirling words into a confession,

That may never reach a conclusion,

The ticking of time: continues,

Slowly, uninterrupted, constant,

The next track goes on playing,

Consciousness swaying,

Words dissipating

Eyes blinking,

Sleep, inviting,



5.13 am

1st December 2017

Take me somewhere nice

Let’s get along with the feeling of hopelessness

That ring you want,

That smile you cherish,

That call you had,

Those cheeks with blemish,

That friend you had,

Still have, you wished,

That leap of faith,

And fall to perish,

Those guts it took to ask a question,

Spawned reasonable yet unwanted reaction,

Those stars you see lining up for you,

To make out meaning when none is due.


Welcome despair, I’ll cherish you,

Welcome despair, hopeless me, and you.



11th November 2017


p/s: Now I feel like having a rerun of Welcome to the NHK

Let’s get along with the feeling of hopelessness

Night Air (Knock Your Heart)

This is not about anyone, dead or alive. Just something thought up in the middle of the night when I went out to get some fresh air….

Breathe in the night air

Inhale it slowly

And levitate your warm, calm heart


And I was sorry

That I came at the wrong time

Came along and knock your heart


We all make mistakes

That’s what’s making life beautiful

We are all imperfect

That is why we need each other to perfect our world

I said I was sorry

And now I don’t regret

For knocking on your warm, calm heart


And everything happens for a reason

We just have to find out what these reasons are


I said I was sorry

‘Cause now I am not

‘Cause if I knock at the right time

There wouldn’t be us



10th September 2010

Night Air (Knock Your Heart)