Orchids in the Underworld

Walk, my child,

For steps put you forth,

Thrust your spirit and mind, both,

Into oblivion you will come to learn,

All the magic you have yearned,

About queries you had,

And questions driving you mad,

About heaven and hell,

And did in life you do well.


Ah child, be weary,

Of angels with honey,

For the road to hell is paved with good intentions,

And heaven is just beyond hell’s intermission.


Ah child, be steadfast,

The gallop won’t leave you time,

The guards won’t be in rhyme,

Chance is for you to grab hold,

Not leave flushed down the bowl.


Perchance you find a gate,

Perchance the obeisance be love,

Know that lightning can be blinding,

Not to strike you down,

But for you to turn back,

And notice that orchid laying there,

And a happy ending waiting,

In the depths of hell itself.



13th May 2016

Orchids in the Underworld

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