To You in 8000 Years

Hello. How are you? I hope the shivers have gone away, and you are in your best condition. If you are reading this letter, know that you have succeeded the first part of the mission. I programmed the capsule containing this letter to open only if the time is right. Should you not read it in a window of twenty years, the paper will self-disintegrate and the ashes will be constructed into a little gravestone, monument to our foolishness of trying to outdo the limitations imposed on us. I really do hope that the contents of this letter reaches you.

First and foremost, let me offer my deepest and sincerest apologies to you, for I have deceived you all this time. There are no other crewmembers on board The Ark, for we can’t afford the maintenance of more than one person. I’m sorry I lied to you, but Glen will not be there to accompany you. He knew about this, and let me inform you that it is never his intention to deceive you. I forced him to play along for the good of all. I believe you, despite the fact of being the victim in this case, know all too well the reasons behind my decision to send you alone. We cannot afford to fail, for failure means the end of us all, not just you and me and Glen. However, mock me if you must, for I am willing to compensate mockery and hate for my deceit.

Secondly, do note that the contents of your mission have been updated. You are now not only to secure a new home for our descendants, but you will also be needed to investigate the wellbeing of us back home. This part of the mission was left ambiguous to you in fear of it affecting your mental wellbeing. Sure, cryo-sleep can control the aging and maturation of the body very well, but it has little to no control over the mental realm of a human being. We do not know what deep-sleep psychointerference may bring to your wellbeing, especially with the astounding duration of your voyage. That is why we did not brief you in whole about the mission, as we would like to alleviate the mental stress that has already been such a burden to you as it is.

Outside of your knowledge, beacons have been placed at a hundred light years’ interval since you left home. These beacons relay additional information both ways. As long as the control centre back home is still functional, it will send bleeps of information to The Ark regarding our home’s wellbeing, blueprints of technological advancements that may be useful to the new colony, and a signal to come back home should things turn out for the better, and A.D.A.M. will send periodical reports back to control centre. A.D.A.M. will also steer The Ark back home should the signal being sent. However, if you are reading this letter, I guess a signal hasn’t been issued since your departure, and there’s a possibility that our home is no more. That being said, I really hope that you have readied yourself for that possibility. It should be out of the question for us to meet again, no matter the consequences. I really really hope you have that clear.

 If our home is still here but the technology and civilization has rotten away, you will still receive periodical reports from G.A.B.R.I.E.L., as long as he’s not struck by some space debris or being rendered inoperable by a solar flare or anything of the sort. Your next objective is to determine the viability of living on our home. Should that be proven a yes, you should work out the viability to come back here. It should take a shorter time to come back to the motherland as you now have the means and access to better technology than we have. Do not fret, as Cain and Abel, the two AI-powered androids on board The Ark will help you to the best of their capabilities and understanding to execute any order from you. They will also help you with the upbringing of your 1000 children, should all survive the long voyage. Do not hesitate to ask A.D.A.M. for any assistance. He is your partner there for better or for worse. Glen and I hope you will also enjoy a little gift we had for you, tucked inside A.D.A.M.. You’ll know what we mean very soon.

Last but never the least, we hope you can carry on our dreams, my dreams and Glen’s, and the whole of humanity’s. It is a big burden to throw unto your little shoulders, but we believe you can do it. I sincerely believe you can do it. You’ve always surprised and amused me since you were a little girl. Do remember, if it was not for this mission, we will still part ways when the time comes. This is only reasoning to us, for we humans are fragile creatures that are too weak to survive without reason. So, know the reason that you are there to ensure our survivability as a species, and know that you are special, gifted, and chosen. You are strong, Eve, and I’m sure you can do it. Show me that you can do it, that my beliefs in you were not for naught, and that all the naysayers back home are wrong. Be proud of who you are, and take care of yourself.

I love you dearly, my precious daughter.

Your father,

February 11th, 2175 a.d.

To You in 8000 Years

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