She was shy,

Assertive, yet shy,

She saw the difference,

Yet she dreamed of joy,

She did try to fly,

She flapped her wings,

He saw her soar,

He smiled and frowned,

She flew high enough,

To felt burns and stings,

When the floor met her with sorrow.


Then there was her,

Then there was another,

She smiled so bright,

But she was an introvert,

She smiled in covert,

Tried to reach his heart,

Tried to play cool,

He saw her act,

He felt relieved,

For she only tried in covert,

Never stepping up,

Never going all out.


Then there was her,

Another yet, another,

Was also a shy one,

Was too shy to deny it,

Though he said repeatedly,

That she looks like his sister,

Acts like his sister,

Wants to tease her much,

Like he did to his sister,

She felt little things jump,

Deep in her heart,

But she can’t,

She wouldn’t dare.

Then there was him,






27th November 2015


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