Dream’s Envy

He wakes up all sweaty. His body sinks into the mattress as if he weighs a hundred tonnes. His breathing still heavy, the palms of his hands all wet and drippy. It took a minute or two for him to calm down and get his breathing back to rhythm. He gaze upon his room, still dark in the twilight hours, then wipe the sweat on his brows.

In the dark, he tries to collect his thoughts and file them into chronology. He was asleep a few minutes before, and had a dream. He’s used to having weird dreams, but this one is particularly weird. In it, he met a boy of ten years of age or so by the name of Lux. How did he know the boy’s name, he can’t remember. All he recalls is that they were on a high platform, a mountain peak of sorts with a very small space to be called the peak. He was standing with his legs tucked together, yet the space left for comfort is nearly none.  He is practically standing on a strand of land, a pinnacle-like stalagmite. And in the air in front of him is that boy Lux, floating like gravity doesn’t affect him. A slight breeze sweeps through from time to time, and he could feel his body swaying. He looks down the mountain, and could not see the bottom.

There, he and Lux had a discussion, a talk of sorts, but he can’t remember the details of their talk. All that he remembers is that Lux grew furious for each passing minute, and in the end the boy blows a hurricane that took him off his feet and into the air. Then he fell, not down towards the unseen ground, but up into the blackness of space. A few big bangs flashed by, a few stars burst and creates black holes, and a few rhinoceros waved as they rode their jet-skis pass him. And that was when he woke up, all sweaty and confused.

He tries to recall his discussion with the boy in his dream, but to no avail. Finding himself stuck, he goes to the kitchen for a glass of water, then went back to his room. As he lie there, trying to get back to sleep, a phrase suddenly cross his mind. The words of a professor he knew at university.

“Choice is an illusion. But we still have to make our choices.”

What does that have to do with me right now? he thought to himself. Then, Lux’s face flashes through his mind. He suddenly remembers something from the dream. Something Lux said to him. What was it again? Something about choices. At least you have choices? Something like that. Argh, it’s not that important. He shuts his mind down and goes back into deep slumber. In the last moments of consciousness, he told his self to meet the professor tomorrow to tell her about his dream. She’d be delighted to hear about it, or so he thought as he dozes off into rapid eye movement.

1.43 am

26th October 2015

Dream’s Envy

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