The Malaise

Never had I met a race so doomed as this one. In its own language, its own name means ‘to wither’. Its English pronunciation means ‘an unknown uneasiness’. This is a race so paranoid and is led by paranoid people that its paranoia grows into epic proportions. I so pity them that I think the only way to help them is to not help them. But then I’ll have to face their banter and slander on an everyday basis. Well, I am facing them as of now, only minimized by my hypocritical act of being a good guy, one who looks like is on their side. Forgive me for I had to do this to ensure my well-being.

This race has a tendency to be lazy yet blame others for their misfortune, something that actually comes in package with their laziness. They tend to compare their fate, their status with others who are less fortunate than them just so that they can stay comfortable with what little they have and remain complacent, not wanting to better their standards. They feel empowered by technology and social networking, felt that vocal power does not come with a conscience to keep one’s self in check, support freedom of speech only when it is convenient for them while shunning others for a different train of thought that does not conform to their own beliefs and ideas. They believe Jews and Christians have no better thing to do other than spreading infidelity while they themselves do not commit themselves to their beliefs. They love petty gossips and hate hard labor, but love the reward that comes with one. They complain a lot, wanting change but never be the change themselves. They have sayings that tell them that hard work comes with ease in latter days, but they do not believe in such saying anymore. They believe they are the best in the world, such as what their leaders tell them they are. Really, I do pity them.

There’s this saying, I don’t know if it’s hearsay or a real saying, but it sounds like this. One’s name is a prayer, one’s name is what it will be. So if this race is to wither with an unknown uneasiness, it explains all the bullshit that I had faced all these years. I pray that a bright future is in store for them, that they can change the fate stored in their name, and that they open their minds and hearts to a new shine. Its hard, infuriating, and maddening to face them on a day-to-day basis, but those aside, it’s even sadder to think that they are bound to the fate, the prayer that comes with their name. They need to come out of their comfort zones, and all I can do to make that happen is by not helping them, to leave them ‘in the wild’. Only under harsh circumstances will humanity thrive and change for the better. Hope this applies to them too.

Here’s to them.


25th Auggust 2015

The Malaise

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