Murdered Drizzle

How do you kill the rain?

It dawned on me this rainy evening. There’s this one soundtrack from an anime, and I really like the melancholic piano sound. The name of the soundtrack is Bruine assassiné. I never bothered with the name. All I know is that it’s kind of soothing and sad at the same time. But tonight, with the rain calming down to a drizzle and the drops are still heard meshed with the croaking of frogs, I just felt like wanting to know the meaning of such a melancholic tune. And in English it means murdered drizzle. How ironic is that! Finding out the meaning of the soundtrack that played on a drizzling evening, I mean. Such a coincidence. But I am very sure that this is no coincidence. Just another form of wisdom perhaps. A reminder that every little thing can be amusing and interesting as long as you are curious.

It’s been a few days already, but my mind hasn’t straighten out. It’s still stuck on an incident that happened last Friday. It wasn’t me who was involved, but it made me felt bitter nonetheless. That incident made me rethink my purpose of living, my way of life, and my purpose on going through this journey once again. I won’t spell it out here what exactly happened, but let me just say it’s a breach of trust. Being dishonest does not take you anywhere. No, I’m not talking about the 1MDB scandal or anything. That’s another issue, although quite similar in nature. Being dishonest does not make you strong, or smart, or a top dog. No sir, not at all. It is a curse that you put on yourself, and that curse will haunt you to the ends of time. Sure, you’ll regret it later, you’ll ask for forgiveness, but the damage has been done.

So I say this to you: Learn your lesson. A big difference between those who move on with only regret and nothing else with those who regret and strive to get back on their feet is the lessons that they learn. If you learn your lesson and try not to make the same mistake, you’ll have the last laugh. Be thankful that Allah is generous to grant you the lesson, albeit harsh. Some people don’t even get that chance. But if you learn from your mistakes, then you’ll surely repeat that mistake. There’s a big difference between learning your lesson and learning from mistakes. Sure, you might point out that this is just wordplay, but I beg to differ from your opinion, ladies and gentlemen. There is a difference between those two.

Again, I’m not supposed to write right now, since I got another paper tomorrow morning but what the heck, I can’t study straight. Thank God tomorrow’s paper is the least of my worries and the last one for this semester. Though I really hope I don’t underestimate it and am not arrogant of it. Nauzubillah minzalik. Allah, protect me from being takbur and riak. But the point tonight is that it’s the intention that counts. If you are being dishonest because you have no heart in it in the first place, you have lived dishonestly since that moment. Live a lawful (lawful?) life and God’s be, you’ll live on okay. It’s not easy living an honest life, but it’s worth it. If it’s a test, then I hope it is eased for you. But if it’s retribution, I hope you learn your lesson. And ‘you’ here includes you, myself of the future. Should you fall to the ground and stumble upon this post, let it be known that you have been warned and prayed for.

Now, can someone tell me, how do you kill the rain?

Murdered Drizzle

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