Dirty Playground

In loving memory of those who lost their lives in the incidents following the Lahad Datu Stand-off, our heroes whom were recklessly used at others disposal, may you rest in peace. And to all Sabahans, do stay strong and trust in our countrymen who are doing their jobs. Pointing fingers later lah..


The playground, set

The players met

They sign the geass

And then they act

And confusion arise

Throughout the set

The pieces played



The pieces run

They are afraid

The traps got flagged

But some are stepped

KABOOM! it goes

BEBABOOM!! it cracks

A fissure on the set

Like fishes on the ground

They all drown


Loss of control profound

The players panic, shout and frown

They try to react

They try to control

The geass broken

The game curse them all


When mere excuses are palpable lies

When enthralling the pieces falls into demise

The dirty playground which they have risen

Will plunge us all into oblivion..



3rd March 2013

Dirty Playground

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