Of Zinacefs and Rocephins

Bleak white walls surround me
Bleached white coats around of
Trick or treat, its on me
In bed I lay figuring the leads

Oh, where am I? What am I? How am I?
Tubes suffocating the nostrils it sneered into
I tried to move but alas I fail
My body feels weak, I’m feeling too frail
To even think about situations and consequences

And the dripping won’t stop
Drip drip drop
And faces appear around me
Teardrops drop
They smile but cry at the same time
What is this nonsense? It came to mind

Of Zinacefs and Rocephins and numerous unnamed drugs
Of blood and splinters and backbone cracks
Of course I’m grateful for the life spared
Thank you, arigatou to those who cared


15th November 2012

p/s: No copyright infringement intended… Zinacef and Rocephin are brand names belonging to GSK and Roche respectively.

Of Zinacefs and Rocephins

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