The Massses’ Cry

The Masses’ Cry


The masses cry,

Don’t want to be fooled upon,

Don’t want their rights being stripped upon,

Don’t want to believe the lie,

Don’t want to live yet through another lie.


I shouted,

Don’t want to be part of the masses,

Being fooled upon their very eyes,

Being stepped upon, both trust and lives,

Don’t want to be like the other mass,

Shout for revolution and claim recognition,

Yet voices they howl swept by the wind,

‘cause action taken is naught,

Realization of the dream,

Another step to realize the dream,

Hands they hold up into the air,

Not down to the grown to cultivate production.


I weep,

Seeing the masses fight each other,

Slaughter each other with unearthly slander,

Dirty their hands with the blood of each other.



I call,

For justice to prevail,

Justice must prevail,

Justice will prevail.



23rd June 2012

The Massses’ Cry

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