When you feel lonely, there’s someone lonelier,

When you feel desperate, do you know what it means?

Do you know what that means?

Ambitions and distant illusions,

What’s the different, I ask, what is the difference?

How can you run for something uncertain?

How can you know its going to come true?

How can you run off into the distance?

How can you run when you just feel it out of the blue?

I ask you, what is having hope?

I ask you, what is sincerity?

Can you tell me what its like to grope unto abstractness.

Oh, tell me what it feels like to be around thousands you don’t know?

Please tell me how could you just ignore those you don’t know?

Oh, city life, I hate you,

Oh, prosperity, please come to me,

Oh, hypocrite life, I despise you,

Please give me some serenity…


1st February 2012


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