BR1M: Sincere Support or Mass Bribery?

(Okay, I know the tittle is somewhat provocative and heart-burning to some people ehem*the govt*ehem, but what can I do? I’m a youth with views and perspective too y’know, hehe. And I think I do have rights to express myself. Not that anyone will come stop by anyway…)

(andohbytheway, if you can’t handle opinion, especially mine, there’s the red X button on the right corner of this window, hehe. That is, unless if you’re using something else like an Apple or cellphone to stop by this crappy place.)

Imagine this note x 10 in your pocket now. Nice, wouldn't it, hehe

Okay, so I just finished watching a crappy movie and then my cellphone bzz bzz-ed (its on silent, so it kinda make that sound). It was s message from someone dear to me about BR1M and I was like ‘what’s Brim?’. So I googled it and, ta dah!, found some details on the stuff said.

(crappy movie mentioned is Cowboys vs Aliens. Aliens coming for our gold. Like, seriously? Hollywood’s running out of juice on alien topic. Eh, sorry for the veeeeeeery late movie review, hehe)

BR1M, or Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malysia (can’t like the 1M concept till now. Just too buch bs. And also the Q: What are we before this came to the PM’s mind? 3 Malaysia? But that’s another story, hehe) is a fund-giving programme for the rakyat with a household income of roughly below RM3k per month. Practically, anyone who’s a Malaysian citizen (dunno if those fake IC’s count or not) with said monthly income can apply by filling in a form you can get for free from selected places. Okay, not everyone can get it. There are a few more details, but I’ll leave that to trusty google to do the job for you guys.

In the message I got, it mentioned something about votes and ‘you don’t have to worry, our votes are a secret anyway’ that made me thinking what the hell has it to do with votes? Guess I’m a little bit too naive for not noticing the trends of things. So I think maybe, that is, maybe lah, you guys also don’t know the trends right now. So let me go through the points one by one.

#1: Malaysia is on the verge of a general election.

#2: Things are not quite in favor of the current rulling party.

#3: People are always crazy about money, let alone money that they can get for free.

#4: The government, leaded by the rulling party, controls all the money they got from tax-payers.

#5: ^_^

Look, I’m no propaganda expert, nor am I a smart alec or prodigry of some sorts. But one thing for sure, I do know how to connect the dots, and the dots do make sense. So, we come to a question. Is the BR1M a sincere support for the needy, or is just another agenda to buy votes through open mass bribery? This one I have my doubts. But doubts alone are not enough without proof. And I done have proof. So I’ll give the govt the benifit of doubt and just stay to the facts given by mass media. It’s not like the govt is evil or anything. At least, not all the time. But given the timing, they couldn’t choose any better time to hold out their hands to the rakyat. Hehe, just saying.

(Thank God ISA’s been dispelled already. But will the people yang terasa contact me and tell me I should not spout out nonsense like this? Will they sniff out a small-time post on a small-time blog like this. I don’t know lah, hehe)

But, let’s just say that the govt is trully evil, that they have ulterior motives in supporting the rakyat (I’m using this word rather than citizens or people just for the fun of immitating those pro and anti govt blogs out there who all claimed to know what’s happening to the people better than each other, hehe), then is it right for us to claim the money ours and then shove away the govt by casting our votes for the opposition? Now I understand the meaning behind the message I got earlier.

I replied the message with ‘I’m not interested in money that’s for a twisted purpose’.

Then, I got a reply: To hell with what their purpose is. The money is actually the rakyat‘s money rightfully. Besides, the higher-ups gobbled up much more than what they’re supposed to give back to the rakyat.

Huh, what a twisted way to legalise corruption. If one party, and I don’t mean political party fyi, does something wrong doesn’t mean that other parties can follow their footsteps too. That way, corruption will only spread. This is not a matter of rights, its a matter of principles, and my principles dictates that something wrong is something wrong no matter who does it and for what purpose. I mean, if we take the money for ourselves, wouldn’t that make us equal to those we hate? In other words, wouldn’t we become what we hate?

My reply to that reply: Let them be, I’m not gonna follow them doing stuff like that. That’s their fault and I don’t intend to make it mine too. There are many more who needed the help besides us, especially those living in remote places which don’t even have electricity or running water. We can’t do good for the majority even if we take the money, no mattter if it is rightfully ours or not, cause once we get the money, we’ll end up in the craze money brings with it, and we’ll end up forgetting others.

Then the conversation died. So, is BR1M a sincere support or mass bribery? Anyway, I found out that I’m not eligible to apply, so the answer concerns me the least, hehe. But I would like to impose another question to those who are eligible. Would you take up the offer on the basis that it is rightfully yours or would you withstand the temptation of wealth to uphold your principles? Or, are you smart enough to do both at the same time and bold enough to commence a mission for the greater good of everybody, especially those trully in need? What am I talking about? You have a brain, go use it, hehe.

….End of Chit-Chat #18….

p/s: Just to set things straight, I’m no oppositionist nor am I proGovt. I’m just a sceptic and a pillow-softer (read it out like philosopher, hehehe) and from where I hail, both do not bring any good to my people. Kalau adapun, sikit saja, kesian orang saya, huhu….

BR1M: Sincere Support or Mass Bribery?

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