Nite : Goodnight, forever….

Nite : Goodnight, forever….

He walks through the corridor. Gazed at the ceiling and the walls full of pictures of himself. Wondering what all this crap is about. Wondering where is he right now. Wondering who is he? Wondering….

“Your little steps won’t take you nowhere.”

At the end of the corridor is a silver door. He reaches for the knob, then turn to her. She nods. It’s as simple as saying ‘I do’ on a wedding day. He smiles to the girl. She smiles back. He twists the doorknob, opening the door.

The stars glitter in the sky like snowflakes, only that its canvas’ the pitch black sky. Pictures floating everywhere, not touching even the very tip of those lush green grass of the fields that stretched to the horizon. The moon gazes upon him with its holy like light, bright and beautiful in the sky.

He took a few steps forward, leaving the silver door behind. Now, clearly under the moon’s light, he could see that those floating pictures are full of him, his past, his friends, his family, his smiles and tears; his memories.

“So what do you think about life?”

The girl stands beside him, taking one picture with her right hand softly.


He turns to the girl and smile again. She stares back with a little giggle. She then passes the picture to him. He takes it and look at it. In that picture he looks angry, shouting at a woman in that picture. But that person’s face is not there, as if someone scrubbed it off. He turns back towards the girl.

“What’s this?”

“Nothing. Just something you hate.”

“And that is….?”

“Rules. Orders. Regulations. The law.”


He seems to be in a daze. The girl then takes his hands in hers and smile.

“But do not worry anymore. Here you’re free. Do as you like. It’s your world. This is your life, your destiny, your own world; your dream….”

He still looks confused. The girl then pulls him further from the door, further towards the horizon, further into more pictures, more pictures of shouting, yelling, mocking, each picture with a more rebellious act than the one before. The pictures, as they move on, are shaded with more and more red. He stops for a while, pulling his hands from the girl’s. The girl stopped too, and then stared back towards him.

“What’s the matter?”

“These pictures….”

He paused for a while.

“….why are they tainted with the color red?”

She smiled for a second or two, tilting her head up towards the sky then look back at him.

“It’s anger, silly.”


She shook her head, the smile still clinging on her face.

“Anger. A-N-G-E-R. Hatred. Your hatred and anger towards authority, towards the world and its rules. Towards everything that stops you from achieving ultimate freedom. That’s what ‘red’ is, ha ha….”

He became silent, not knowing what to say. His face a little bit red, not sure if it’s because of anger or because of shame. The girl kept smiling, then pulls him again into the field of pictures. Then she whispers….

“Don’t worry. Here you’ll have your freedom and peace. Don’t worry Mark. Don’t worry.”

He doesn’t know how to react to those words of hers, he just let himself being pulled by that girl. Suddenly, she stops walking. He stopped too. In front of them is a box, a cube box, shinning bright and mighty as if the sun were in it.

“What’s that?”

“That’s your heart.”

He shook his head.

“That can’t be my heart. I’m filled with anger and hatred, how come there’s something shinning light of peace as my heart?”

The girl didn’t answer immediately. She knows that a brief postponement is needed so that he’ll have a clear mind to hear her explanation. The moment passes by with an awkward silence clinging in the air. Then, after those moments of silence, only, she answers without even turning towards him.

“Because you’re a human. Deep inside every human’s heart lies the truth, lies the kindness, true kindness of one’s self, and deeper in it, in the realms of the heart lies the loneliness that’s craving for love and care and warmth. That’s why you have something this beautiful in the centre of your vast sea of red.”

“So you think my rebellious act is an action showing that I longed to be loved?”

She turns towards him, a simple yet heart-warming smile on her face.


As if the message has been sent and understood in that very fragment of time, he kneels down and started to cry. Why am I crying? Because I know I’ve done wrong all this time towards the person who loves me the most. The box began to shine brighter than ever, cleansing all the red in the pictures. The face of the unknown woman in the pictures then came to light. She takes one of those pictures and hand it towards him who is kneeling. He sees the face of the woman, then started to cry more and more. She then grasps her arms around him, holding him tightly to her chest, as if a mother trying to make her child stop crying. But that’s what she’s really doing right now.

“Shhhh…. It’s okay, it’s okay. You won’t have to go through that again. Sleep now, child, sleep. Goodnight. Sleep well, child, sleep.”

“I’m…. sorry…., mother….”

“Shhh.. she’ll understand. Now just sleep. Close your eyes. Let the pain be cleanse. Sleep….”


Clarissa sat in the corner of the lobby. Her eyes are red because of crying. She wanted to cry more but there’s no more tears to shed. The clock’s ticking annoys her, but she hasn’t the will to do anything now.

Her son, Mark, though stubborn and always being a nuisance to her, is her one and only beloved child. If she hadn’t yelled at him earlier, he wouldn’t have gone out at that late hour. All of this wouldn’t have happened.


The girl stroked Mark’s head gently. Mark has fallen asleep, his slumber will be eternal, his problems dissolved, his hatred and anger abated. Poor Mark, she says to herself.

“Goodnight Mark, forever….”

3.08 am, 22nd February 2009

– One damn night –

p/s: Had a story that I wanted to post, but its not done yet. Suddenly, this pops up from the grave of my memory. After much consideration (that’s a lie though), I decided, okay, I’ll just post this, hehe. andohbytheway, this was really written on a damn night, done in like half an hour of rushed adrenaline and overflowing intensity, thanks to the event prequelling the writing session of this story (which is eventually the event causing it to be a damn night). The event, however, is a secret. (alert, crap detected in previous line)

Nite : Goodnight, forever….

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