All Good Deeds End Good. Always.

‘If someone does a good deed to you, repay them with a good deed. If someone does something bad to you, repay them with a good deed still, so that they know the difference between being kind and being insolent’ -Habibah Hamja

Edward Newgate looking out the window, getting ready to stab those who dare cucuk angin, hehe

(pic totally unrelated. Just felt like showing off, hehehe)

One of life’s gift that we seldom realize and rarely look upon is the gift of the mind, the gift to think and the gift to decide. True, this anon says be grateful to be better primates than apes, another anon says our mind is a great tool given by God to improve this world. Yet the core value of our mind, the power to choose between good and bad, has been the least of our debates nowadays. Now, the premise of discussion is always about doing the right thing, even though if the right thing may not be a good deed, with rationales such as ‘for the greater good’ and other bs like ‘doing a lil bit of evil to avoid a greater evil is not a fault, but the right decision to make’ clouds our perspective, thus making the line between good and bad seemed invisible, if not non-existent at all.

That brings us to take the path not wanted, evolving us into twisted beings that contradict purpose with intent, method with objective, mixing good and bad together in the name of ‘outcome’. Outcome takes priority, not the nature of method used to accomplish that outcome. e.g: bribe so that our organization gets accreditation, roll over innocents so that the higher-ups can profit better, kill a person to kill an entire idea, or maybe even to instigate one. No matter how evil the methods are, it is the least of importance as long as the expected ‘good’ outcome is achieved.

That, my friends, is a total farce.

No matter what the situation is, good and evil may never be one. It is one in a sense that it completes each other (one would not know evil if one does not know what good is), but in terms of a complete continuous flow, it may and will never be mixed together. But we, living in this twisted world we carved out ourselves, tend to forget that. Why?

Because being good is not easy. Its simple, not easy.

And being bad is easy. Not simple, but easy.

For instance, someone badmouthing you behind your back. You can be good and just ignore it and give out a smile to those who do you bad, but it will never be easy as to badmouth back the badmouther (is that a valid word? I dunno la, haha) or just jump the gun in the heat of the moment and burst right in front of those bm-ers. Yet, it is not simple to reply such act with another bad act, considering the bad action you may do contradicts your conscience (that is, if you have such conscience, hehe). Geddit?

Like being good to foreigners that our community itself deems a nuisance (e.g. africans and pakistani. No offence, just stating the normal foreigners-with-bad-rep view here in Malaysia, hehe). We tend to not do good to them. That is not just to them. They deserve a just and unbiased view, the same level of respect and service like that given to others. But with a mindset stating otherwise, could we do them just? Can we do a good deed without ever harbouring bad thoughts about them in the background of our mind?

The answer is we can. But it won’t be a simple task.

So, at the end of my rambles, many of you guys out there may wonder (that is, if many do read this, hehehe) why am I rambling such nonsense on such an unpopular blog? It’ll just degrade this blog more.

A few days ago, I had a chat with foreigner ____ at Bank Negara station on the way back home, and helped him show the way to his destination. At his destination (eventually, my stop as well) he expressed such gratitude, and it felt good!

A few weeks ago, someone badmouthed me. I was about to burst, but in the end, I just gave them a fake sweet smile, which in the end came out naturally and sincerely, and it felt good!

A few months ago, I asked foreigner ____, which totally has bad rep around here, nicely without a single hint of bias (as the thought didn’t came to me that moment), and end up shaking hands whilst calling each others ‘brother’, and it felt good!

So, at the end of the day, Habibah’s words came to mind, and a conclusion was set into stone.

All good deeds end good. Always.

….End of Chit-Chat #17….

p/s: Inspired to write ’bout this by my status on fb last Wednesday, and the words of someone illiterate living on an island not having even constant electricity supply, passed unto me by a beloved one. Thanks Nenek Hajah for the lesson, and thanks Ummi for telling me those words. Love you both.

p/s #2: Oh, and thanks to Kajen Amrie for letting me taking a pose of Whitebeard, hehehe. Wonder when will I get a buff body like that, hrmm….

All Good Deeds End Good. Always.

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