The Blogosphere of Men and Women

(Thanks to Qis for inspiring this post. And no, this is not to raise sexism, this is to celebrate born either as a male or female.)

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend about blogs. She writes one too, so the chat started with the norm ‘do you still blog’ and all. Then she asked another question: Why do all male bloggers usually write stuff that are more global in nature? I just replied with a ‘huh, what do you mean global?’

Maybe what she means (and what I understand) is that guys usually opined more than writing for themselves in blogs, on issues that are currently taking centre stage in newspapers or TV news, or something like that. And I emphasize, OPINED, with facts thrown in from God knows where plus the not so straight man opinion (plus ego and biases, of course)(oh, just like this blog. To be more specific, just like this POST! haha), not being personal and specific as female bloggers who post more on what’s happening to them day in day out, showing more care and appreciation to one’s own self throughout the net.

Well, truth be told, it seems that somehow, guys usually blog more on random stuff, if not everyday events, and this intrigued her. It is then that I realized that women, on the other hand, like to blog about more specific situations, if not everyday events.

Huh!? Everyday events? Isn’t that the same thing our male counterparts are blogging about? Did I see wrong? No, girls, you didn’t see wrong. Actually, men and women do blog about the same stuff and same issues. Its just that we guys blog in a different way than you girls do. Same issue, different perspectives. So how come the difference? To understand this, we must first look at the nature of humans.

THAT (the last sentence before this one, if it’s not obvious, duh) is men’s way of explaining stuff. Girls will more likely say something like ‘it’s because I, as an individual, perceive things differently from others’. See? Same explanation, different words. One thing to bear in mind. People always think that they are the centre of the world. The world revolves around them. Although if you say ‘no, I put others in front of me’, you can’t deny this fact. Its a given. It is human psychology, and we tend to abide to this setting.

This is the common ground between men and women. This is why we blog about the same stuff. So, what’s that got to do with difference in preference of words? Here is where the rope splits. To men, the world revolves around them and to show that, we men must reveal the changes made to this world we perceived as ours. To women, the world revolves around them and to show that, they must reveal the changes made on them by the world they perceived as theirs. Both do so just to show HOW THE WORLD AND ‘I’ ARE CONNECTED, how we are an important element of OUR world.This is where men and women differ. This is WHY our words differ.

The fact that we humans are self-centred beings of intelligence molds us to think so, yet our instinctive nature as individuals, shaped by gender and other factors, vary the way we think, thus diversify the words we use. To emphasize that ‘I’ am important to the world, we tend to write in a manner we think suits us more. And fortunately (or unfortunately, if you perceive it that way) the difference in sex does make a difference in perception. Don’t believe me? Try going through a couple of dozens of blogs by both male and female bloggers. Of course, if you’re an enthusiastic bloghopper you’ll notice this already.

But then again, its all up to individual taste and preferences. One does not have to blog using the gender template at all times. Like I said earlier, there are other factors contributing to the shape and form of one’s blog. A man raised by women will tend to have a more specific topic with a twist of that unabashed all-out attitude of a man. A woman growing up around grumpy old men will in turn show some interest in present events and will blog about it in a strikingly self dependant lady-like tone. Either ways, the diversity creates a whole world of interesting and individualistic blogs, unique from one another.

And the best part is that you can enjoy it all to your heart’s content ^-^

(andohbytheway, I think I enjoyed writing this post the most. All done while waiting for the train on the way to work in the morning and continued while waiting for the train on the way home in the evening! Wow, that’s a first for me. Thank God the inspiration didn’t disperse in between the periods.)

….End of Chit-Chat #14….

The Blogosphere of Men and Women

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