Roundabout and Ramblings

First and foremost, sorry to all the few stop-byers, passing-by’s and even fewer loyal (if any) readers for the month-long hiatus. Been a whole month of chaos (or more like a new episode in life), so I’ve not the time to write anything long, just a few prompt poems (or songs, either way). Plus real turbulence in the country, its making my head spinning faster and faster with excitement and rage.

Now, what turbulence, you ask? Try google BERSIH 2.0 and you’ll get the picture. Honestly, I’m all out for freedom of expression and freedom of speech, so I am supporting this kind of rally for justice (though I don’t think I’ll be able to attend it myself. You go for me yellow guys!!). Just hate all the haters trying to kotorkan the idea of an honest, open, peaceful rally. And the instigators…. urghh…. ’nuff said bout this. Let’s just see what’ll happen on the 9th.

andohbytheway, the govt must be shitting their pants real HARD to have come up with numerous (and yes, stupid) conspiracy theories bout BERSIH. Communism, christianity, now terrorism?  Give a break lah govt. You can’t fool everyone for long. So stop this foolish game, haha. And my guess is that the govt are afraid that what happened in the middle east (forgive me, oh mister Arab kalau kamu terasa, tiada niat ya, hehe) will happen here in Malaysia. Problem is, premise for rally (or riot, call it whateva you want) is reform of a SYSTEM, not a total govt reformation like in the middle east, and the govt overlooked that fact. So yes, govt has done something wrong and they are scared. Well, not that I blame them. Its written throughout human history. When the govt (or any organization, trust me. Even your everyday primary school class with unchanged students for six years too) stays at one level for too long, things will go south. In other words, and I quote “The abuse of greatness is when it disjoint remorse from power”. So, certainly a rotten govt has its remorse disjoined, and yes, abuse is everywhere. Oops, too much rambling bout this thing. Better stop for now.

So, the other day, when I was siting alone at Kepong Central waiting for a friend, a spark of inspiration (I soooo like that term right now, hehe) came flying by. So, here’s a poem a.k.a. song for you guys to enjoy. I dunno if there’s something wrong with me, I think I’m getting more and more into this kinda tsun-tsun stuff plus sado-maso premise. I hope I don’t go astray into more hardcore effed up fetishes (is this a fetish? I dunno la, hehe). Here’s Roundabout. Enjoy!

oh, and I almost forgot. I [Text] You is still going on. I haven’t given up on that story. Thing is that I have little time (and inspiration for words, hehe) for the story right now. Sorry bout that but do anticipate the latest chapter, hehe. Wanna see Anna angry?

Roundabout (Tsundere act)

You say that I am spineless,

So I ask you if you want to be my spine,

You say that I am worthless,

So I ask if you care to make me worthy,

You presumed that I am hopeless,

I assumed that you just don’t like me,

You say that I’m in love with you,

I’ll say that I am not.


O, what’s up? What’s up with you?

You’re going round a roundabout,

What’s wrong? What’s wrong? I ask you,

Can you explain a little bit more,

My head keeps turning round and round,

Evading your elusive ground of speech,

Can you please just tell what’s going on?

And put my mind to ease.


You say that I am spineless,

So I’ll say its ’cause you are around,

You say that I am useless,

‘Cause I didn’t state my ground.

So I’ll speak my mind to ease your query,

I’ll say it out aloud,

I’ll say that I love you,

If you care to say so too.

8.31 pm

3rd July 2011

….End of Chit-Chat #13….

Roundabout and Ramblings

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