When Lizards and Cockroaches share a cup of Tea

Lizards always hate cockroaches. So do the roaches. They despise the lizards.

Well, why would they NOT?

The roaches are filthy bugs, symbolic to garbage and shit and stuff. The lizards, on the other hand, are always pooping here and there and are always boasting about big brother croc, when in reality they’ll just be ignored even if crocs could roam the land and climb walls and shit everywhere like lizards. This cold war between them had erupted long ago, when humans build housing estates and apartments and sewers and keep on building ‘systems’ which they say ought to better human lives, ought to make human more humane, ought to improve this impoverished style of living as it is. This war started when humans start to accumulate waste; food waste, trash, and the ever continuous puddle of poop.

One thing that lizards and roaches have in common is that they are both hated by humans, and they themselves hate humans so much, so intense, so unworded that no word can explain the hatred they bear for the humans. The thing is, humans can exterminate both of the warring filthbags but these scums can’t do the same towards humans. Well, the roaches could be proud of themselves as they managed to end one or two human lives with their pee and all, but that’s just it.

The common battle ground for these messengers of dirt is the kitchen, of course. Every night, a ferocious battle for leftovers and pooping place occur. And as always, the roaches would win the leftovers but the lizards would poop the most, retaining the title of master poopers. They try to outwit each other in the others stronghold but alas, none succeeded. That is, until one night.

One night, in one of the houses in one of the many housing estates, a cup of tea was left cold on th kitchen worktop. The lizards saw the cup first. None had ever taste tea before, and because the roaches seem to not care about tea, they don’t think that tea is a possession worth fighting for. But that night, a roach, out of curiosity, started towards the cup of tea. The lizard watch outs realized this, and immediately sounds the alarm. The lizards gather as they see the lone roach advanced to the cup of tea, and panicked.

The roaches are up to something, said one of the lizards. We must get the cup of tea before that scumbag gets to it, said another. So, instantly, they decided to jump down towards the cup of tea from the ceiling that they were hanging upside down from.

The roach is actually not alone. here are a bunch others in the garbage can and near the sink full of undone dishes. They realized that the lizards are racing towards the cup of tea. It must be something worthy, said one of the elder roaches. Let’s grab it for ourselves before those fucking poopers get to it. So, they too ran towards the cup of tea.

Realizing that the roaches had made a counter attack, more lizards jump from the ceiling. It turns out into a bloody battle for a cup of tea. The lizard grenadiers throw poop bombs down towards the advancing roaches. The roaches fly high up to the ceiling to spray the bastards with their poisonous pee. The battle continued for the whole night, till all that’s left is a single roach and a single lizard. They march on towards the cup of tea, despite the fatigue both felt.

The lizard reaches the cup first. It then smirk at the roach, thinking that he is the winner. He then dips his head into the cup, trying to get a sip of the before then unworthy drink. Alas, due to fatigue, the lizard slips and totally fell into the cup. He tried to swim up the side of the cup, but the slipperiness stops him from climbing up. The roach just laugh as it sees the lizard drowns. As the lizard had completely drown, the roach steps up to the cup. Now, he felt like he is the ultimate winner. He doesn’t feel afraid of falling into the cup of tea as he could fly out of it anytime. As a sign of celebration, he takes a sip of tea of his dead foe, feeling all proud. Then, suddenly, he felt a burning sensation inside him. It turns out that his foe is not out of tricks. The dead lizard in the cup is covered in the roach’s poisonous pee, had given the roach his own medicine, or rather his own poison, back to him. He tried to fight the pain but alas, fate is he be dead.

People are the same. They despise each other, saying things like the other is uglier than him or her. They fight and fight and fight, and in the end, turn up being the lizards and cockroaches they themselves despise so much. They slaughter each other, mocking the other’s negativity while not realizing bout their own ugliness. But the good thing is that we humans can choose whether to drown in a bath of poison and hurt, or settle things with a cup of tea, just like the civilized men we idealized, that we ought to be.

We could talk things over it. Don’t worry, there’s no lizard or cockroaches in this one.

So, care for a cup of tea?

…. End of Chit-Chat #12….

When Lizards and Cockroaches share a cup of Tea

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