New Project!

(Like I have any projects THAT SUCCEED OR ENDS before, duh)

This is a story of a boy who, on the way to work, thought of an idea for a story when he was stuck in the middle of a shitty traffic jam. The boy saw a primary schooler trying to cross the busy road, when suddenly….

Haha, kidding. Joke aside, this project is totally randomly inspired by said situation above and a quick stare to a cellphone one damn busy morning. Entitled ‘I [Text] You‘, hope you guys enjoy. Tried to experiment with first person view narrative techniques in this one and is still in progress. Been wholly addicted and amazed at Japan’s light novel first person narrations for quite a while now.

I think this is a project I deem having potential to finish (since I really need to do something while waiting for this intern o’mine to end. Come on two weeks, COME ON!!) since April’s Fool is at a complete stall and The Man Who Taught Me How To Die is progressing slower than slugs, this seems like the answer to previous questions asked.

Hint for upcoming project: Text messages. Hope you guys enjoy this little treat o’mine. Oh, and do follow and comment. Would love to hear the world criticizing my work, hehe. Thanks for even stopping by this trashy spot in the first place too, haha

New Project!

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