Hope in Despair

One simple question at the beginning: Where can you find hope? Now, I’m no philosopher to tell you that our life is full of ups and downs blah blah blah, ‘cause you must’ve already known that for ages by now, right?

(Unless if you’re eight and you’re reading one helluva boring blog. You’ve got a major problem if you are one. I suggest you meet a psychiatrist soon. Haha, kidding)

Every time we are down in life, we tend to search for a safe spot, a getaway, a door to outrun misery. You name it, its all the same. Some end up dead in their search, some end up more living than ever. But what is it that drives us to search for this so called solution in our dreary times of life? Anyone wanna guess? You’re bright if you say hope, 10 points for you. Then again, it may just be that the title of this post gave away just much to know what I’m rambling about right now, kan?

The irony of hope is that it is there when you are in despair. Please don’t Google translate into Malay the word ‘despair’, they are a little bit off target. Now, any Madokafag will know that hope is the equivalent of despair, just like how black is the equivalent of white. And every true blue Madokafag knows that the magnitude of each is proportional to that of the other, meaning more despair brings out a bigger, brighter hope with it. To know whether that that hope is genuine or not is up to individual perspective and judgement. Here, read someone’s personal perspective on said matter, though I have to warn you that it may lead to the infamous tl;dr syndrome, hehe.

Hope is God’s answer to what seemed an endless fall, a pitch black pit. It is the light that illuminates our way home, or a light that leads us to somewhere new which is greater than home. But hope is meaningless without despair. Just like how winning doesn’t mean anything if there’s nothing to win over. That is why hope only unleashes itself in the darkness of despair. And hope bears a child named creativity. Don’t trust me? Look into some history my friend, and you’ll find tons of inventions born in times of despair. KFC, for instance, is a product born out of creativity in times where no frah chicknz was able to satisfy the colonel’s taste of taste (Is this right? Taste of taste? Haha, dunno, don’t care). Screw you if you think that he was not feeling the slightest of despair when people rejected his frah chiknz over and over and over…. and over! But why did he persist? Let me tell you the answer, though I’m not sure the colonel will say this himself. Now imagine a full beard, and its white, old chubby man with a round face say this in your face: I have faced much disappointment in my tiring days trying to fry the ultimate fried chicken, but I have not abandon hope, for I will definitely find the secrets to unlocking the future (and wealth) of the ultimate fried chicken! Okay, that was overboard. Sorry colonel. But my point here is clear. You won’t find hope if you have no despair.

Just like how hope has become a figure of speech, so common that we didn’t even realize it. For instance #2, why do we greet people we just met with “I hope we can work together well” or “I hope we can become good friends”? Answers, anyone? At least give it a try, I won’t be there beside you saying that your opinion is wrong, hehe. Okay, that’s enough pondering, I’ll give you my piece of mind on the question I imposed myself. The reason for us saying so, greeting people with ‘hope’ in the middle of the sentence is because we are unawarelly aware that things may not turn for the best with our newfound relationship. Be it as working colleagues or best buddies, there is a possibility that that relationship may not work out fine. So there is room for despair, and where there is room for despair, there is room for hope. So that’s why the word ‘hope’ appears in our daily speech, though the meaning of its existence is so subtle, we didn’t even realize why we tend to speak that way.

So now we come to the second question: Why am I rambling about hope and despair right now?

In times of despair, there is this annoying rushed, tensed feeling that forces us to either sink or swim, to move forward or drown with the situation. That is why creativity is born in such damn situations. It is our way, as human beings, to swim through the raging river to reach the calm shores beyond it. In other words, people don’t perform well without pressure, without the ‘despair’ feeling. So, what happen to these people? Ever heard of potato couches? Yes, you’re right if you guess that they are the product of life without despair. People without pressure, without the ‘despair’ feeling will end up feeling comfy and cozy in their comfort zone, so comfortable that they tend to be static in their lives, losing the will and enthusiasm to move forward and the freshness of curiosity, the urge to be better in the future.

I am right now in a state of almost not moving forward.

Yes, I am at the verge of entering my comfort zone. No, I am in my comfort zone right now.

And I need to move on.

One simple answer at the end: You can find hope in despair. And I need despair, STAT.

….end of Chit-Chat #11….

Hope in Despair

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