My Radioactive Radiance

This is a, err, song maybe? that I thought about for a new writing project (soon to come, dunno when though, haha). Title of the project for now is Canine/Feline, and this poem or song (call it whateva you want it) is about the protagonists of the story whom somehow found a mutual l.o.v.e. though they’re way different from each other.

(oh, and it is somehow inspired by some massive event that happen not so long ago. Read it, and you guys will know. If you’re sharp lah, hehe)

My Radioactive Radiance (Canine/Feline – Interlogue 1)

You are my radioactive radiance,

My glittering perseverance,

You had shown me love and care,

That I’ve never had.


You are my shining star bright in the sky,

I’ll love you till the day I die,

You’re alone but you’re so strong,

You stand up high.


And I envy you so much,

And I want to be like you,

And you envy me so much,

Though I’m not strong.

You’re so small but you have substance,

That I longed for my entire existence,

And I’ll stand beside you through the times of wrong.


You are my radioactive radiance,

I love how you show ambience,

You are humble, down to earth,

Though you’re so strong.


You shine in perspiration of youthfulness,

You get hurt but you don’t give up,

And you say that I’m who’s strong,

Though I’m not.


Oh you’ve given me a quake of reality,

And I’ll return it with a love tsunami,

Though the world might break I’ll stay,

Though the world might fall apart, you say,

You’re my fire, I’m your flame,

And we’ll keep moving on.


So I’ll be your room for your sweet silence,

I promise you my ordinance,

I will stand up strong for you,

My radiance….

10.49 pm

17th March 2011

My Radioactive Radiance

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