You Don’t Desire

Hello earthlings!! Now, a new piece I’ve just thought of a few minutes ago. It’s actually a line from one of Laura Marling’s song which keeps going on loop in my head right now, can’t remember which one anyway, and it came out just like that into a full-page poem (poem? more like scribbles, hehe). Anyways, enjoy it while it’s still fresh, hehe. Its sort of about a complicated relationship where there’s nothing between two people, initially lah, but then each suspected the other had fallen for them and eventually things get stirred up by the hand of fate…. and the rest is history.

(andohbytheway, should check out Laura Marling if you’re into poetic lyrics and frank expressions and good folk music. She rocks!)

You Don’t Desire

You don’t desire me,

Am I not worthy?

You don’t desire me,

Am I too horrid to see?


You never desired me,

And you may never be,

You never desired me,

Forever and after….


But do I desire you?

You wanted to know out of the blue,

Do I desire you?

You wanted the answer too.

I don’t desire you,

Not now, that I can tell you,

I don’t desire you,

But I can learn how to.


So do you want a desire between us?

I’m okay with that but do you?

The question will build affection,

And desire born unto….

8.24 pm

18th February 2011

(andohbytheway #2, remembered the tittle of the song that sparked my inspiration. Rambling Man. Check it out!)

You Don’t Desire

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