In Search Of Substance

Be a man of substance, strive forward to live a humbly simple life(Ermm, okay. Being frank here, but I don’t really know what ‘substance’ in the sentence above really mean…)

So, how does one be a man of substance? Surely Dad right here doesn’t mean your textbook definition of substance (what was it again?). Maybe he means be a man of reason, with confidence, with pride. Maybe lah, ’cause I don’t really know what does he means exactly by ‘substance’.  Been searching for a whole year now. Any ideas, guys?

(andohbytheway, second consecutive post concerning Dad. Hell, if this keeps up, I’m just gonna name this blog “Baba’s Boy”, and everyone will just sprout out WTFs seeing such bold (stupid, dependant?) blog name, haha~~)

(andohbytheway #2, speaking of Baba, anyone recalled the Baba (the lead’s Dad) character in The Kite Runner? Oh, sorry guys, forgot that you don’t read books, hehe. But wait, it also has a movie adaptation, if you guys are interested lah…)


4. the subject matter of thought, study, discourses, etc

10. Philosophy: b. the essential part of a thing; essence

Maybe the closest meaning of substance that Dad meant is these two definitions, especially 10.b. Maybe he meant ‘be a man of essence’, and that I can understand. So now, next question, what is essence? Sure, we can keep on going through all the defs and dictionaries but we’ll end at the same spot if we do not understand the essence of those words. Geddit? ESSENCE! So, when he said ‘be a man of substance’, what he really meant was ‘be a man of  essence, of life. Of meaning!’  Become a stand-alone complex of concrete reason and bursting with passion, with life, and at the same time enjoying life’s simplicity by immersing yourself in life itself. Become one with the world, understand the Language of the World, and reach through to the Soul of the World!

(Okay, I admit, got a lil too over excited here. Maybe ’cause I’ve just finished Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. Great book ’bout pursuing your dreams and believing in one’s self, and of unearthing your destiny with your own hands. Oops, bookworm mode unleashed, sorry.)

Maybe, that’s what he meant by be a man of substance. I still don’t get it after a whole year, so I’ll continue my search for substance. Maybe for another whole year, or two, or ten. Who knows, kan, hehe.

(andohbytheway, the sentence is actually my father’s version of a birthday wish I got on my 20th birthday. Weird? Maybe not so, hehe. Anyways, glad that I got something soooo philosophical as a birthday wish rather than getting edibles. Least I have something to ponder upon to kill time, and boredom, hehe)

….End of Chit-Chat #10….

In Search Of Substance

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