When The Going Gets Tough….

Dad: When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Me: Fuck you!

(Yeah, this is a totally RAGE MODE post, so please forgive me for all the indecencies in this post, kay.)

I remember this saying coming from a movie I used to watch when I was little. Can’t remember the title though. Actually there was like a whole franchise of it. Ermm, was it Lost World? Or Land Below the Wind? Wait, that’s my place, can’t be it, hehe.

Anyway, the main lead in this movie is a long neck named Little Foot if I’m not mistaken. He had this friend, a tri-horn named Serra, and Serra has one damn headstrong dad. He’s the one who said ‘when the going gets tough, blah blah blah’ thing in one of the movies when their beloved home (nest?) was in danger or something like that. Argh, how much I hate details! But in the end the sonovabitch realized that there’s no such thing as ‘the tough will prevail in the end’ or any other crap likewise if you just cared about yourself and don’t work together as a team. Duh! Typical cartoon with a moral of the story. Can’t blame them since it’s meant for kids who are still too stupid to think about something as complicated as ‘teamwork’.

(If you still don’t get the long necks and tri-horns’ stuff, you’re a total idiot for not guessing animated film with animated talking dinosaurs whom act more human than us, haha)

But, as we grow up and face the real world head on, we started to realize that most of the problems in this world are almost as exact as these children’s movie depicts. Here in adult world, you’ll meet apple polishers and butt scratchers that don’t give a damn about anyone else, including you my friend. It sure seems like the tough will win the game. Maybe they will, but they’ll win without competition, which is fairly dull. These tough guys won’t stop oppressing you till you can’t handle it anymore and burst. In the real world, almost every person is as selfish as the other one, and we tend to forget that sharing happiness with others is more promising and worthwhile. So, in the end, the society known as human civilization will fall thanks to ego and greed and stinginess and rotten hearted we are. But there is still a way to stop this catastrophe. One way. Sharing the happiness so that the pain will ease.

So, whenever someone comes to you and say ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’, just look at them in the face with a funny face, give the middle finger salute and say ‘FUCK YOU!’

….end of Chit-Chat #9….

When The Going Gets Tough….

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