Little Paradise

A tribute to friends Qila and Fahmi, you guys made my day. Lets have another fun day together, soon….

(andohbytheway, picture Pantai UMS when reading this, and the breeze, and the sea, and the sand on your feet, and the… wait, too much rambling, hehe)

A little bit of sun and a little bit of wind,

You’ve got paradise,

You are mesmerized,

And you are tranquilized


The waves beating down the shore, the sun setting in the horizon,

And you feel serenity,

You feel serendipity,

And you smile


You want this for eternity,

You wanted to feel free,

You bask in sunlight,

And you say ‘I like it here’

You see your friends and you smile,

You let the moment flow for a while,

You drench yourself with happiness,

Say ‘I love life…’


9th January 2011

Little Paradise

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