Being Adult

Warning!! May contain explicit content and obscene words. Parental guidance is advised.

(What!!? ‘May contain’? I’m not done with this post yet, so I can’t guarantee the use of appropriate wording only ’cause this post is done in RAGE MODE!)

(yeah, gorilla. ur pretty angry too, i know….)

When I was a kid, I always thought to myself ’bout how nice it would be if I’m a grown-up. I’ll have my own life and the rules will be set by myself. In other words, freedom to the max! Well, that’s how I thought it would be…. until I came across a bittersweet part in life called adolescence. Life starts changing there and then, with teenage life complicating and problems come rolling down the lawn straight to your front door, and I walk through it slowly, yet steadily towards the end called adulthood. And I survived!

Then again, time has proven me wrong. Adulthood, as it seems, is not the end of the challenge marathon. The marathon goes on with round three and more episodes of failure, rejection, fights, denial, and more fights to come. And the theme of early adulthood dramas are always centred around recognition and self-search. Always go with words like respect and dignity and love. Always ends with I’ve found a new part of myself that I never knew was there or She never actually loved me or Today I’ve became stronger ’cause I’ve passed the storm. These situations repeat endlessly throughout our lives till one point you realize that every time this happens, it’s always about coping to the situation and a choice of either sink or swim. Most choose to swim to the safety of the shore but more sink to the bottom, crushed by the waves of challenge. And you only have to decide either to sink or swim WHEN YOU’RE AN ADULT.

That makes you jealous of your own past. When you were a kid, you can throw a tantrum anytime you want, anywhere you want and still get ice-cream as a consolation. Or perhaps a beating if you’re unlucky. But you can still make another fuss and be forgiven easily WHEN YOU’RE A KID. It makes you longing for those days where forgiveness is prepared for you in abundance and you don’t have to pretend, you don’t have to act, you just have to be yourself: a kid.

Damn…. If only I can act as careless as I used to be, without worrying about the hassle and consequences….. I really need a break from life, and you may need one too.

(phew… looks like I survived writing a clean post, thanks to the shoutings of Linkin Park and Veltpunch)

….End of Chit-Chat #8….

Being Adult

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