About You, and some minor rambling

Every now and then, we tend to get ourselves bored. And every now and then, we tend to rummage through our stuff just to kill time and to have a little memory lane experience. Oh, did I say something familiar? You’ve heard me saying this before, eh? Maybe it’s this that you’ve read before. Thank you for clicking though, haha~~

But this time, its different. I didn’t go through my closet or attic or other physically physical place. Instead, I went through Words. Yeah, pretty lame, huh? But that’s better than killing yourself with boredom, hehehe.

As I went through this pretty unpretty blog o’mine, I noticed that my posts are somehow, err… dull. Don’t blame me! I’m born dull. I noticed that Words didn’t relay what I wanted to, and I realized that I’ve been using far less words than what I was hoping in the beginning. Sigh….

Anyways, got a new piece here. Actually, I’ve been kinda in lovey-dovey mode for a while now, and I just can’t get her outta mah head! So, I started thinkin (OH GAWD, THINKING!!!), what is it that she has that’s sooo making me fall for her. I still can’t guess yet, haha~~ Hope you guys enjoy this one and have a blasted and blessed new year. Peace!

(am really hoping to see this kinda fireworks this new year WITH her. As if THAT would happen….)


(What Is It) About You (That Makes Me Fall For You)

What is it about you?

That makes my heart quiver?

There’s something about you,

But what it is, I can’t tell.


Is it:

The fair of your complexion,

The depth of your dimples,

The length of your lashes,

The curve of your lips?


Or is it:

The way your hair parts,

The gleam in your eyes,

The wrinkle in your wink,

The shape of your chin?

Keeping me in check,

Rebuilding hope,

Innocent act,

Soft soothing scent,

Tranquillize with a glance,

Enlightening smile,

Never ceased to make me say….


That’s why I fall for you….


….End of Chit-Chat #7….

About You, and some minor rambling

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