Morning Dew

(Merry X’mas to all. Hope you guys have a great day and don’t end up lonely like this guy here. Peace!)

on a papaya leaf beside my room

Its cold outside

As it is cold inside this lone heart

The morning drops

They just appear from out of nowhere

And its cold outside

Just like how it is cold inside

The morning dew

Crystals of the dawn


Where are you dear?

I have been searching far and near

O, can you hear?

Hear my voice calling out your name

I’m full of fear

‘Cause I see light but I can’t touch it

Remember me, dear

‘Cause I don’t want to disappear


And then they trickle over the grass

And then they shine in burst of sunlight

And then they vanish back to nowhere

To nowhere

The morning dew

Its euphoria

Its just happiness’ hysteric idea

It makes you feel the bliss for a moment

A short moment


Its cold outside

When morning dew just came into sight

We’re lonely inside

But we don’t have the nerve to say so


18th August  2009

Morning Dew

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