Awkward Situation

In this situation we are doped with constellations that we speak of with such informality. I laugh with you but we both know that there’s no us, no hope at all. ‘Cause we both know when we hear the waves come rolling….

Hitting the shore, the shore called loneliness. Smashing the rocks of hypocrite toughness. Killing the moonlight bright, and it won’t shine on this awkward situation you call love.

When there’s two of us, you say we’re one. When there’s four, you say we’re done ‘cause you’re with him and I’m with her. This situation, we had fun. We laugh along the tears we run. You say ‘I love you’. I say ‘love you too’. But then the waves come rolling….

Crashing the boat, ‘cause it’s not tough enough. Wiping the smirk on the beach that we drew. Feeling insecure yet secure by the warmth your touch had brought.

And we turn this sadness into smiles, we turn the tears into sunshine, we turn this pain into strength, and we survive.

This situation, we had fun. We turn the world around as we run chasing our dreams with our hearts soaring as one.

In this awkward situation, we’re still blind to know what is love, what is friendship. We still cannot tell if this is love or lust, till we  smile and say goodbye.


7.30 am

23rd November 2010

(Actually, this has a tune to it. Just like a song. But as soon as I start working today, I forgot the tune. So, anyone creative out there? Please make a tune of it and share, I’d love to listen.)

Awkward Situation

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