Boredom (and The End of The World)

Last night was excruciating. It was painfully dark and dull. The sounds, they creep in with the silence. You feel the pain most when you hear nothing…. That, my friend, is called boredom.

Ma head's EXPLODING!!!!

I say, most of us may experience it once in a while. Got nothing to do, nothing on your mind, and you can’t sleep and dissolve your boredom with one. It’s insanity, guys! So, what to do when boredom strikes? You start rummaging trough your stuff, like all those kuno stuff left in the closet for, what, an eternity? Then you’ll notice a few mementos and nostalgics and a few more stuff like drawings and all that just makes you laugh, for they remind you of the you you’ve once been. They remind you of the foolish you, the naive you, the innocent you, which sometimes make you end in tears, be it because of joy or sadness, it’s the same thing.

(Or am I the only one thinking like this? Gotta check ma cranium for thinkin’ too unrealistic if so. andohbytheway, thanks Eminem for the advice.)

(andohbytheway #2, if you don’t get it, try listening to B.o.B. feat Hayley & Eminem’s Airplanes part 2. I repeat, It’s part 2, not the original version.)

So, here I am, rummaging trough my memories, my brain, literally, trying to have a rerun of my 20++ years of living a human life on this insane world. Then I found something that the me two years ago wrote. Ironically, I found it in Words (What!? Words‘ just like three months old? So, how come I found something from two years ago when it doesn’t even exist at that time?). FYI, Words was originally my own DIY journal project, just to pass time and to ramble some useless crap. Seems like the concept’s still the same with this Words, haha~~ I made the previous Words hand-written. So yes, it is very very ugly. Eh, that’s not what I want to say. Just want to say that the previous Words was made with the intention to preserve my own naivety and innocence for later use, and it sure does its job well this time (duh, I think all journals are for that purpose, right?). Just like a time capsule….

So, what is it in Words that struck me? The post is entitled ‘Circle of Boredom’. Here goes….

“Boredom is an epidemic, a pandemic spreading¬† . The world is now a more fun place to be, with its worldly entertainment and fun. ¬† to depend on these kind of fun and freeness, making them wholly stressed out when these things disappear. They tend to look at entertainment as a source of happiness which emphasize on the spirit of free will and the motto ‘You’ll live just once. Enjoy it!’. Yet these thoughts and understanding on how your life must be (which is stay happy, just enjoy everything and leave the rules to itself) provokes a desire to just have fun and forget everything else.

That is where boredom is born. When you have nothing fun to do (where the meaning of ‘fun’ varies among people), you will start to feel bored. This kind of boredness can lead to extreme heights of stress and depression, self-hate and de-morale-ization. It could send someone to a place where the heart could not bear the fact that he or she is living and alive right now. The most extreme effect of boredom is, guess what, suicide nad mass murder.

But it is such a joke that we human beings with powerful and magnificent brains could not channel our stress and boredom through more constructive means. We opt to channel them through destructive ways, which is surely very negative, then to be productive and positive. Why is it we humans have to feel bored when there are bundles of things we haven’t try out? Some things are not even present in our knowledge clutch. It is as if civilization has brought the individual thought , desire and understanding of the world to a narrow path, separating knowledge from fun and happiness. It is a problem to our society, especially youngsters and teenagers, and it must be stopped. Curiosity and desire must be taken down through a new road, Which is the road towards optimum productivity, creativity, success and most importantly, FUN in a way that beats other common unproductive ‘fun’ stuff.”

(9.15 pm, 7th July 2008)

(Can’t believe I’m such a nerd after reading this. I mean, What the hell am I saying? What the hell am I thinking that moment? Oh, well. Guess it’ll have to remain a mystery…. not!)

After reading this, it just strikes me in the head that boredom is not the end of the world. Thank you me from the past for reminding me that there are a whole bunch of stuff to try out before boredom gets to me. Like…. searching for new music. So, if you’re bored and you stopped by here at Words, thanks for wasting your time here, haha~~ That’s all the crap to ramble about this time. Out!

(Ooopss, forgotten something. If you’re a fan of Blink 182 and you’re into J-music, try listening to VELTPUNCH once in a while. Cool riffs, nice bass, not so flashy drum beats. In short, typical, but in a good way)

….end of Chit-Chat #5….

Boredom (and The End of The World)

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