Yesterday’s Death, Bus Ride Home, and Cinnamon Rolls

Yesterday, a relative of mine died/Today, I took the bus home/Tomorrow, I’ll hunt for cinnamon rolls.Now let’s play a game of guess. Which of the above statement(s) is/are true? Go on, guess. Yeah, the answer’s obviously obvious. But I’ll let you guys keep guessing. Please play along, haha~~

(Can I say something like that? Sounds ridiculous. It is just the same as saying this ridiculous post is ridiculous, or shit is poo, duh! And why do I have the feeling that I’m being desperate here?)

(andohbytheway, like this new theme ‘Spectrum’. Looks much much better than my previous theme. What was it again? Already forgotten the name, haha.)

Today was reaaally tiring. If you don’t know what I mean, try lifting and shifting boxes 10 to 20 kilos all day long. And when I say ‘boxes’, I mean 30 to 40 boxes (Lost count of how many are there, sorry, haha.) Luckily, I stumble upon a very interesting post on a quite interesting blog, and thank God, it is just the right thing needed at the right moment. It has all the right words I was searching for and all the right conditions (Like I’m seeing a movie of my own desperate self). Don’t get that often in life, right? Better savour the moment while it lasts.

(Add in some Billy Talent and Florence + The Machine to your playlist and you’ll get a mini wonderland….)

What the writer highlighted had really enlighten my view on life, and creativity, and life, and perfection. To one point, I AM a perfectionist myself, so it really hit me hard good, haha~~ And I am a hunter of creativity, so that fits in perfectly into my perfectly imperfect life.

(Just remembered what a good friend of mine once told me: Don’t be a perfectionist, you’re wasting your time and effort.)

(Am I contradicting myself here? And I’m so sorry for the repeating ‘haha’s. Just hated ‘lol’ so much. Sounds too…. disgusting?)

And that reminds me of bus rides. The thing with creativity is that it comes and goes as it please. Just like when you’re waiting for the bus. They come when you don’t even give a damn about them, but never show up when you need one. Talk about bad timing. But creativity could also struck you when you’re in a bus. And God, that sucks when you have no pen and paper and your cellphones dead. Funny when you think that a normal plain bus ride could inspire you so much and how a ride in the morning differs with one in the evening. Or is it just me? I dunno, haha.

(I would like to declare this as ‘Bus Ride Fetish’. Don’t tell APA though, or another insane syndrome/disorder will appear in their publications and another killer ‘miracle’ drug will reach you in stores soon. But seriously, is it just me out here that feels like the bus has an aura somehow? Okay, better turn off my ridiculating brain part before more damage is done, haha)

And speaking of sudden and unwanted visits from our friend creativity, that reminds me of his comrade named death. Death, like it’s bestfriend-cum-enemy creativity, also comes knocking on our doors at all the wrong places and timing (God, forgive me for this statement, I’m not saying that you’re not a perfect planner, it’s just a stupid lamb’s thought). Death inspires us so much just by the fact that death means the end of life and also the end of being creative. It somehow feels ironic that it could spark so much creativity in our minds, and also the minds of writers and directors all over the world. Don’t believe me? Try taking a peek at every major flick, or every major novel published. Death lingers in their plots, in their lines, and sometimes, it is the force propelling the story forward and making it interesting. More like almost every time though, hehe.

So, back at the topic of creativity and perfection, I do think that they mix perfectly well by denying each other to co-exist at the same time. They contradict each other harmoniously. Perfection is only a shadow, a mask that imperfection wears. And funny to think that we chase perfection by doing the exact opposite just to reach it and taste it. But nonetheless, imperfection is the fuel to pursuing perfection, right? I mean, you can’t tell light if there’s no darkness or islands if there are no seas or Obama if there’s no Bush. Sorry, the last one’s just a bluff, hehe. My point here is that we need all this contradictions to make life spicy. Just like ‘Rojak’, hehe. So enjoy everything and everything that you can while stocks last. Always be contented with what you have and where you are at all times but also unsatisfied with the current situation. Just like Kurotsuchi once said: Perfection is the killer to us scientists. If perfection is obtained, there’s no use for scientists anymore.

(Contradiction alert! Don’t read the crap above if you think its crap, and don’t think too deep about it if you don’t want a blown mind. Sorry, too late. Think I should’ve written this above. But seriously, that’s what’s making humans interesting. They always contradict themselves, right?)

(andohbytheway, don’t ask who Kurotsuchi is. Heard that there’s a new invention called Google, try using it, hehe)

(andohbytheway #2, haven’t had Rojak for a while now. Really missing it now. Plus empty stomach, drooling none stop, huhu….)

Talking ’bout contradictions, that reminds me of a shop named Saint Cinnamon. If you’re a pure Jesseltonite, you’ll remember. They sell the best cinnamon roles in the city (Maybe because they’re the only one selling cinnamon roles, haha~~). Now, what’s Saint Cinnamon got to do with contradiction? Well, besides the mascot being a devil and their tagline ‘sinfully delicious’, I think there’s nothing going on between them, hehe. The shop got quite an audience and quite the number of customers. And I think they owe their thanks to the cinnamon devil, hehe(Maybe not all the credit goes to the fancy complex of the name+mascot+tagline. This is just purely an individual opinion, not fact). Humans are full of contradictions, and are easy to be lured by contradictions. And Saint Cinnamon pulled the right strings there. Too bad…. that’s the past. I don’t know why, but the shop’s been closed for, I dunno, three or four years already? What went wrong? I dunno. Maybe people got tired of the idea and just went along with this ever revolving world. Maybe the contradiction they use became common…. Maybe lah, hehe.

(So where can I find me some Great-tasting Cinnamon Buns? God, please show me the way.)

(And I thought she was overreacting over those butter cookies. Now, look at me….)

Think I’ve wasted enough time and words and electricity already. Not like anyone cared. Hell, nobody’s reading, hehe. What am I worried about? Okay…. Enough crap for this time. I’m already out of topics and creativity to write….

(andohbytheway, all the statements above are true. So you guess it right? Wow, you’re a living genius!)

….end of Chit-Chat #4….

Yesterday’s Death, Bus Ride Home, and Cinnamon Rolls

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Death, Bus Ride Home, and Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog post! I enjoyed your reflections on perfectionism and creativity.

    I’m sorry to hear about the death of your relative…peace to you at this difficult time.

    ~Sandy Ackers

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