Chit Chat #3: Something

Just watched something about something on my something. It has something peculiar and inspirational about it that makes me realize that that something is something very common, very everyday, very…. how do I put this in words? Oh well, you get the message, right?Maybe you guys are wondering what are the ‘something’s I’ve mentioned, but does it really matter what those ‘something’s are? It’s funny how inspiration can kick in anytime it wants. If you get what I mean, you don’t have to know what those ‘something’s are. Funny, right? Or am I just talking trash again here?

Okay, for instance. You live a routine life. And when I say routine, I mean ROUTINE routine. Something you do everyday, almost indifferent from day to day. Wake up in the morning, go to work, come back home, hang out with friends. You know, that sort of routine. But does it occur to you “Why today felt different? Why yesterday was more refreshing than right now? Why am I liking tomorrow more than right now?” There must be something that inspired you to think that way. I’m not talking about your typical ‘been there, done that’ case. I’m talking about ‘every time I do it, it feels different yet good’ experience. ‘Cause life is supposed to be a ‘every time I do it, it feels different yet good’ experience. Don’t you guys think so? Ooops! Think I’ve just talked to much trash here.

But my point is everyday can be fun and uplifting and explorative. So why focus on hatred and pain? Nowadays, everywhere you go, you’ll hear people talking about hatred, talking full with hatred, talking with a tone of hatred. Why do people see something that is ugly, bleak as their everyday ‘something’? Why can’t people realize the many beauties of the world? Can anyone tell me? I’m a little bit curious and thank God I’m not a cat. Otherwise, curiousity’ll kill me, hehe.

So, like Columbus said: Rule 32 : Enjoy the little things. So make sure your ‘something’ today is something good, and enjoy it, hehe

(Damn! I soooo like that movie, I can’t get it out of my head after what, a year or so?)

Chit Chat #3: Something

One thought on “Chit Chat #3: Something

  1. […] stuff? I think I’m a cat now because past me said he was lucky he’s not a cat, since curiosity kills it, and he was still alive back then. Sleep deprivation can cause sudden deaths like those serious […]

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