Rainfall’s Symphony

It’s raining cats and dogs outside right now. This situation gives me some sort of feeling…. something I think I’ve felt before. Oh, yeah! I’ve written about it before…. Hope you guys enjoy my little rain wisdom, hehe

Come down, rain

Cleanse the fire

Cleanse the land

Wash my soul


Extinguish those old hatreds

Carry on, carry on


And let the flame be pure of will and might

Let the flame soar high into the sky

And let the rain wash out your sins

My sins, my regrets

Then let the rain and sun form the mist

So that we’ll search each other

‘Cause we’ll miss

All the company, all the warmth

That one longs to belong


Come down, rain

Wake me up again

So I’ll remember who I am


And let the cries be lost amidst the sound

Let furiousity and anger drown

‘Cause tomorrow, it’ll be one brand new day

But let the puddles remind us what we’ve lost


Come down, rain

Come down….

2.17 pm

22nd February 2009

Rainfall’s Symphony

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