Chit-Chat #2

Hi! Been gone for a while. Well, life’s pinching me from the sides right now (a.k.a. been buzy for the time being).The only thing is that my term ‘buzy’ doesn’t start with ‘bu’ but it starts with ‘la’. Giddit!? Haha~~

But seriously, I am quite buzy for the time being. And when I say ‘quite buzy’ I mean dozens of stuff need to be done (but is not done), deadlines racing along the way, and I still get 10 to 20 minutes of afternoon nap-time. Yeah, I’m quite buzy for the time being, hehehe…

There are a few stuff I’d like to post but I just can’t find the strength to do so. I’m soooo “buzy”, I didn’t even open Facebook for a while now, hehe. And if you guess this has anything to do with the now past festivities, you guess right. World, I’m still in slacking-off mode, please spare me and don’t go on too fast… But all this mumbling’s a waste of time. I mean, who’d read this anyway, haha~~ It’s different if you’ve got reader’s and anticipaters and all. But me? I… don’t think so, hehe.

But anyway, thanks to those who are willing to waste their precious time and stop by at this crappy place, really appreciate it. ^_^

Chit-Chat #2

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