Chit-Chat #1

Hello World! Its been a while since I last updated my blog. There’s a lot of stuff I’d like to tell you guys out there but I just couldn’t find the time to do so….. Pffft, I bluff. I mean, seriously, that was a parody for all those other blogs out there, hehe. If you’re an enthusiastic blog-hopper you’ll see posts like that often. What is it? Is it in trend to say something like that these days? Or are they just being innocent and realistic? I don’t know lah, hehe. But hey, don’t misunderstand me. I hold no grudge whatsoever to those blogs. I mean, at least they have readers, which I’m not sure I have, haha~~

So, now straight to the point. What is Chit-Chat? Well, in short, Chit-Chat is where I talk… and talk… and talk, hehe. Chit-Chat is the reality show on Words, while the other categories are just plain creative outburst (Really? Creative? Find a critique first lah before talking, hehe). It is the raw part of Words, where it is all just plain words of the mind of a Fool. Well, this is a potrait of myself and the world from my eyes, so you can’t expect me to post only twisted sentences down the page. That’ll be damn boring, hehe.

So, maybe thats all for the maiden Chit-Chat…. not much crap to talk about…. or have I said too much already, hehe. Oh, btw, happy fasting for you guys out here who are, may this Ramadhan be meaningful for you. Amen.

Chit-Chat #1

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